LIHTC Financing Application

The primary application form is the Application Spreadsheet (see links below). All application materials must be uploaded electronically to the Online Data Manager, Instructions for proper submission are on the ODM welcome page. New program participants must contact Laurel Treamer at for ODM set-up information.

The only exceptions to the requirement for electronic submission are application fees and the original, signed Certification Page (Part 3, Section 2), which must be mailed. Please do not submit any other paper documents. It is helpful if sponsors briefly describe the file contents in the text box corresponding with each section of the ODM application. All materials and application fees must be filed by the application deadline, which is set forth in the Qualified Allocation Plan. Applicants should also complete the self-scoring section of the ODM and use the accompanying text boxes to support the case for their scoring selections. Please note that applications submitted for previous funding rounds must be re-submitted in full using ODM and the most current application form.

Decisions are announced within approximately three months.

Application Documents

Preliminary Application Review

A preliminary application review is required as a prerequisite to applying for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. The purpose of the preliminary application review process is to bring together a diverse team of Authority staff members to meet with project sponsors and review all aspects of the project. The intent is to provide input early in the process in order to provide guidance to the development team and facilitate successful funding applications.

Preliminary Application Review
2018 Application Form