Meeting the Workforce Housing Challenge Guidebook

Since the Legislature enacted the workforce housing statute in 2008, many of the state's municipalities have sought the help of New Hampshire Housing as they work to understand the housing market and to provide opportunities for the development of workforce housing.

In response to this need for assistance, in early 2009 New Hampshire Housing assembled an advisory committee and hired consultants to develop written guidance for local action under the workforce housing statute. This resulting guidebook, Meeting the Workforce Housing Challenge, is now available to help local land use boards to address the requirements of the statute and shape future growth consistent with their vision for dynamic, healthy communities.

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Meeting the Workforce Housing Challenge

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter One: The Basics of Workforce Housing n New Hampshire

Chapter Two: A Primer on Workforce Housing in New Hampshire

Chapter Three: Economic Viability: The True Cost of Residential Construction

Chapter Four: Tools for Compliance with the Workforce Housing Law

Chapter Five: 2010 and Beyond: Procedures for Boards and Developers

Appendix A: SB 21 Commission Report, 2001

Appendix B: List of HUD Fair Market Rent Areas by Municipality

Appendix C: NHHFA Subsidy Retention Model

Appendix D: Town of Exeter Resale Restriction Covenants