Workforce Housing Law

In 2008, the New Hampshire Legislature passed a law that requires every community to provide "reasonable and realistic opportunities" for the development of workforce housing. Even in a weaker housing market, the variety of housing that exists in New Hampshire today does not satisfy the need for workforce housing in many areas of the state. This is a law that is based on a long-term problem that will take a sustained statewide effort to resolve.


The informational links assembled below and on our Tools for Housing Creation page provide resources and information for those people and municipalities interested in understanding what New Hampshire's Workforce Housing Law is and how local land use boards can address the requirements of the statute.


Progress In Workforce Housing - A Report on the Implementation of the New Hampshire Workforce Housing Law


2015 Workforce Housing Purchase and Rent Limits


List of New Hampshire Municipalities by Metro and Non-Metro County Areas


HUD Fair Market Rent Area Definitions in New Hampshire


Link to Workforce Housing Statute (NH RSA 674: 58-61)