Studies, Publications & Presentations

New Hampshire Housing researches and reports on housing trends. Here are some of the reports issued by the agency:

Annual Residential Rental Cost Survey

Each year, New Hampshire Housing conducts a statewide survey of nearly 31,000 rental units to monitor rental costs, provide data, and to support New Hampshire Housing's program administration.

2017 Residential Rental Cost Survey (full report) 


Fair Housing for Regional and Municipal Planning Guidebook


Housing Market Updates

New Hampshire Housing examines the latest foreclosure, economic, home sales, and rental data and issues reports on these three times a year. To receive these updates, click here to sign up. (We do not sell or share our e-mail lists.) 


Housing Needs in New Hampshire (2014)

New Hampshire Housing commissioned a study on the state’s future housing needs and preferences, performed by the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies and Applied Economic Research. The purpose of the study was to gauge the amount and type of housing that needs to be generated over the next ten years, as well as identify the impacts demographic and market trends are having on the types of housing that Granite State residents want.

The study is made up of three parts: The first focuses on perceptions and preferences about housing; the second on housing the growing senior population; and the third on the future of housing in New Hampshire.

Executive Summary

Part 1 - Big Houses, Small Households: Perceptions, Preferences and Assessment (Released April 9, 2014)

Part 2 - Senior Housing Perspectives (Released April 16, 2014)

Part 3 - The Evolving Environment and Housing's Future (Released April 23, 2014)

Headship Model - RPC

Headship Model - County

Production Models


Commission on Housing Policy and Regulation (2013)

In 2013, the New Hampshire Legislature established the Commission on Housing Policy and Regulation. Its purpose was to identify and reduce legislative and administrative barriers to the creation of affordable housing and to encourage its development, including possible incentives to build such housing, in order to maintain safe, healthy, and diverse communities for all residents of New Hampshire.

Final Report


Housing and School Enrollment Studies (2004-2012)

Beginning in spring 2004, Russ Thibeault and Applied Economic Research in Laconia began a series of reports examining the connections between school enrollment generation and new housing development in New Hampshire.

New Residential Development and School Enrollment: Just the Facts (2004)

Housing and School Enrollment in New Hampshire: An Expanded View (2005)


Housing and School Enrollment in New Hampshire: 2000-2010--A Decade of Dramatic Change (2012)


2015 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

This document is the update of the 2004 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice. The update was researched and written by The Fair Housing Project of New Hampshire Legal Assistance under contract with New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority. It provides:

  • the most recent information on relevant New Hampshire demographics;
  • new laws enacted;
  • a review of materials and resources in New Hampshire;
  • fair housing complaint data;
  • summaries of protected classes and impediments for each group;
  • identification of additional impediments;
  • survey and focus group results;
  • conclusions and recommendations;
  • appendices containing other pertinent material.

Download 2015 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice in New Hampshire


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