2022 Residential Rental Cost Survey Report Released

August 1, 2022

New Hampshire Housing’s annual statewide survey of market-rate apartments provides a comprehensive view of the Granite State’s rental market. Our survey has captured the status of the rental housing market for more than 40 years, and serves as an important reference tool for researchers, decision-makers, property owners, and the public.

The 2022 Residential Rental Cost Survey gathered responses from the owners of 21,385 market-rate (unsubsidized) rental housing units, or 14% of all units statewide. The survey results reflect a continuation of a theme that is of great concern to residents, business owners, and public officials in the state: there is a high demand for apartments, a very limited supply, a low vacancy rate, and pressure on affordability.

See page 4-5 for the report’s Executive Summary.

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