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2020-2021 State Legislation

Housing issues were prominent in last year’s state legislative session.  Several bills to increase the supply of housing advanced through various stages in committee and were poised for approval by both chambers but died when the legislative session was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Housing issues will continue to be in the spotlight during the 2020-2021 legislative session. Among the bills NH Housing will be closely monitoring are the following:

  • SB 73, establishing a green building standards initiative as part of the low or moderate income housing loan program and making an appropriation therefor; and establishing a commission to study green housing and utility source options. 
    Prime sponsor:  Senator Donna Soucy.
    Status: Senate voted Inexpedient to Legislate (14-10), effectively killing the bill.

  • SB86-FN, adopting omnibus legislation relative to planning and zoning. Part II of this bill re-establishes the New Hampshire Housing Conservation Planning Program at the Office of Strategic Initiatives.
    Prime Sponsor: Senator Jay Kahn.
    Status: Senate voted Ought to Pass with Amendment, 14-0. is now being considered by the House Municipal and County Government Committee.

  • SB127-FN, adopting omnibus legislation on appropriations.  Part III of this bill allocates $10 million to the state’s Affordable Housing Fund administered by NH Housing. Prime Sponsor:  Senator Jeb Bradley.
    Status: The Senate voted the bill Ought to Pass with Amendment (24-0). The bill was subsequently tabled.

  • HB 154, relative to community revitalization tax relief incentives.  This bill enables municipalities to offer community revitalization tax incentives for the construction of additional housing in designated areas.  It also revises the criteria for assistance from the Affordable Housing Fund administered by NH Housing.  Prime sponsor: Rep. Casey Conley.
    Status:  Bill was voted Ought to Pass by the House. Senate Ways and Means Committee voted the bill Ought to Pass (5-0).  The bill now advances for a Senate floor vote.

  • HB 288-FN, eliminating the housing appeals board. This bill repeals the recently established housing appeals board.  Prime Sponsor:  Rep. Daryl Abbas.
    Status: The House Judiciary voted the bill Inexpedient to Legislate (15-6). The House failed to vote on this measure prior to the deadline for bills crossing over to the Senate.  Therefore, the bill was effectively killed.

  • HB 586-FN-A-L, relative to training and procedures for zoning and planning boards and relative to financial investments and incentives for affordable housing development.  This bill is designed to advance six key recommendations from Governor Sununu’s Task Force on Housing that are designed to increase the supply of affordable housing in New Hampshire. Prime Sponsor:  Rep. Joe Alexander, Jr.
    Status:  Following a committee vote of Ought to Pass (15-3), the House voted 175-172 to table this bill. Motion to remove the bill from table failed by a vote of 164-175. Consequently, the bill did not advance to the Senate and will not be voted on this session.

  • HB 588, relative to building codes for tiny houses. This bill defines tiny houses and provides for the authority and requirements for municipal regulation. Prime Sponsor:  Rep. Dave Testerman.
    Status: The House Municipal and County Government Committee voted the bill Inexpedient to Legislate (10-9).  The House failed to vote on this measure prior to the deadline for bills crossing over to the Senate, effectively killing the bill.

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