Lead Hazard Control

New Hampshire Housing has been awarded a federal grant for the removal of hazardous lead paint from the state's homes and apartments where a child under the age of 6 resides. The grant period is from 2018-2020.

Home after lead rehab

The grant particularly targets New Hampshire's pre-1978 housing, where lead-based paint hazards are much more likely to be found. The grant also targets those who are most in need, mainly low-income families and properties with:

  • Units under "Order of Lead Hazard Reduction," or owner-occupied units referred for an environmental investigation;
  • Units occupied by a child with elevated blood lead levels (those between 5 and 9.9 mcg/dl); and
  • Units occupied by children under six years old or pregnant women.

Owners of single-family homes and tenants of multi-family properties must meet income requirements (80% Median Area Income or less) in order to apply for assistance.

The average grant available to address lead hazards is $11,800 per unit, and owners are required to provide at least 10% matching funds. (Up to $1,500 per unit may be available from Healthy Homes Supplemental funding).

How to Apply

Contact one of New Hampshire's Community Action Program agencies (CAPs) for assistance with application intake and determining eligibility.

  • Belknap or Merrimack County – Tim Lenahan – 603-225-3295
  • Hillsborough or Rockingham County – Paul Chalifour – 603-668-8010
  • Strafford, Carroll, Grafton, Coos County – Kate Kirkwood – 603-781-4304
  • Cheshire or Sullivan County – Rick Geffken – 603-719-4281

Your Rights

Landlords and homeowners are required to tell prospective tenants or buyers about any known lead hazards before they agree to buy or rent any property built before 1978. They are also required to provide some sort of disclosure form (ex. disclosure form) which states that lead hazards may exist or are already known, as well as some sort of lead hazard information pamphlet such as Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home

If work is being done, it is also required that the property owner receive the EPA's 'Renovate Right' brochure BEFORE lead related work begins. Click here to download a copy.

If painted surfaces that may have lead paint are in good condition and are well maintained, the lead paint should not cause an exposure to you or your children. Click here to read more.

Finding Lead-Safe Housing

The Lead-Safe Housing Registry is a listing of single/multi-family homes, duplexes, and apartments that have received a professional lead service of some kind. Click here for our complete Lead-Safe Unit listing (2008 - present).


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