Housing comes in all shapes and sizes in New Hampshire, and with the new state accessory dwelling units law, another housing dimension is available to homeowners. New Hampshire Housing has recently published a guide for municipalities to assist public officials in implementing the law in their communities.

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are residential living units for one or more persons, attached to or associated with a single-family dwelling (such as an apartment over a garage, in a basement, or in an outbuilding). The ADU law gives New Hampshire homeowners the right to create an ADU to house a family member, caregiver or to rent out for income.

The intent of RSA 674:71 - 73 is to expand the supply of housing in New Hampshire communities without further land development, as well as to encourage efficient use of existing housing stock and infrastructure and provide additional affordable housing options in communities.

Accessory Dwelling Units in New Hampshire: A Guide for Municipalities offers New Hampshire cities and towns information about the law, and guidance on implementing it. It also has extensive resources, and examples of several municipal ADU ordinances.

Find out more about New Hampshire’s ADU law at and download the ADU guide for municipalities. This fall, an ADU guide for New Hampshire homeowners will be published by New Hampshire Housing.

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