Update on the Emergency Rental Assistance Program

June 15, 2023

The application process for the NH Emergency Rental Assistance Program (NHERAP) was paused
on October 21, 2022, and will not be reopened. After providing nearly $300 million in critical resources
to over 26,000 Granite State households, all funds available for direct rental assistance have been

In December 2022, the State appropriated an additional $20 million in ARPA State Fiscal Recovery
Funds (SFRF) to assist those most vulnerable and ensure households in emergency temporary
circumstances as part of NHERAP, such as hotels and motels, had the opportunity to remain there
through the state’s coldest months. The final part of that emergency housing program concluded on
June 15, having helped more than 900 families since December. The five Community Action
Partnership (CAP) agencies and New Hampshire Housing continue to work closely with
remaining families and have directed them to town welfare offices for assistance, where appropriate.

In addition, previously offered supportive services are anticipated to be available at least until this fall,
dependent upon remaining funding for each service. Such services are designed to direct households
to other available resources, find more stable and permanent housing where needed, and aid in
eviction prevention and diversion. These services are offered through the five CAPs, NH Housing, and
other program partners, and most currently available services were recently extended beyond their
prior closing date of June 30, 2023.

Related, the State recently received an additional allocation of ERA funding, which is being utilized to
help continue the State’s commitment to expanding the availability of affordable housing through the
Affordable Housing Fund (targeted towards populations at or below 50% of the area median income
(AMI)), and for the purpose of helping replenish a portion of the ARPA SFRF funds that were used on
ERA eligible costs to support NHERAP when ERA funds were otherwise unavailable. Those ARPA
SFRF funds will be made available for a variety of needs statewide.

For additional information or questions concerning NHERAP and related services, please contact
Lynn Lippitt at llippitt@nhhfa.org or 603-310-9221.

For more details, visit: NHHousing.org/emergency-rental-assistance/

Information on NHERAP supportive services can also be found through the following resources: