Homeownership Fellows Program

The New Hampshire Housing Homeownership Fellows Program offers housing industry professionals an interactive and educational opportunity to explore the issues and challenges of the mortgage finance system. Up to 10 individuals are selected each year to participate.

2023 Homeownership Fellows Program Description
2023 Homeownership Fellows Class Curriculum

Fellows applications are now closed. Class of 2022-2023 to be announced soon.

2022-2023 Fellows

Left to right:  Bobby Hill, Brendan Hague, Bill Gaudet, Jessica Hooper, Kyrsten Shedd, Julia Forbes, Megan Pepper, Chrissy Gossel, Lorraine Tyma, Sandi Grace and Sandee Guide

2019-2020 Fellows

Left to right: Karina Melkumyan, Marcie Gowen-Nobley, Brett Shiffer, Denise Rogers, Craig Bourgeois, Donna Hennessey, Liz Going, Ryan Tufts, Catherine LaCase and Connor McCauley

2018-2019 Fellows

Left to right: Lisa Ford, Jake Potter, Justin Small, Mary Sullivan, Samantha Norrie, Kara Eastman, Leo Gagnon, Coralie O’Brien, Evelyn Rivera and Paul Pezone

2017-2018 Fellows

Left to right: Tammie Mahoney, Zachary Saunders, Matthew Mercier, Renee Woodard, Tracy LeBlanc, Jane Jordan, Terri Crate, Christine Greenwood and Ben Carmen

2016-2017 Fellows

Left to right: Jim Farley, Ignatius MacLellen, Matthew DePippo, Tim Karanasios, Rich Haney, Jeremy Clark, Carol , Jordan, Jen Hopkins, George Reagan, Pam MacDonald, Bonnie Greenless, Lisa Martin, Matt D’Urso and Brenda Mahoney

2015-2016 Fellows

Left to right: Brenda Mahoney, Pamela Riesenberg, Mike Pillsbury, Justin Macagba, Samantha Canton, Mark Chalifour, Christine Keller, Corey Bowman, Jeff Trudel, Kathy Sanderson, Ignatius MacLellan and George Reagan

2014-2015 Fellows

Left to right:  Tammy Verani, Jennifer McCall, Julie Hitchcock, Lisa Cressey, Dean Christon, Steve Ensign, Dennis Kochanek, Michelle Hayward, Carrie DiGeorge and Sarah Powell