Partner Portal Information and Login

Welcome to New Hampshire Housing's Partner Portal.

Our portal is a website that serves as a gateway from the internet for our business partners to communicate and conduct business with New Hampshire Housing.  

Our updated Lender Online Loan Reservations System is now live! If you are one of our Participating Lenders or Participating Originators, you will be receiving instructions from our Homeownership team about how to get started.
Watch for our new Owner/Landlord portal coming in Summer 2019. 


What browser should I use?

     The current version of NHHFA’s portal works with most internet browsers.  Some browsers may experience issues with rendering (displaying buttons, icons, etc.) and completing procedures.

Who is expected to use NHHFA’s portal?  Is it mandatory?

     The following individuals or businesses should use the portal:

  • Owners and landlords who participate in our Housing Choice Voucher program.
  • Lenders and originators who want to maintain and track loans throughout the loan cycle.

     It is not mandatory to use the NHHFA portal, however we encourage you to utilize the portal.  It is very easy and convenient to use!

Is there a fee for using the NHHFA portal?

     There are no fees to use this portal.

How do I get access to NHHFA’s portal?

     NHHFA will reach out to individuals and business partners with detailed instructions on how to create an account and how to access a specific portal.

What do I do if I don’t receive instructions to NHHFA’s portal?

     Instructions are sent only to account administrators.  Business partners will have up to two Administrators per organization. 
     Please find out who the Administrator is in your organization and communicate your request to them. 
     Administrators who have not received instructions should contact NHHFA staff.

I forgot my Username. How can I retrieve it?

     Click on the “Forgot Username” link found under the NHHFA portal page. Enter the email account associated with your account and we will email your username to you.

I forgot my password.  How can I reset it?

     Click on the “Forgot my Password” link found under the NHHFA portal page. You will be asked to answer the three security questions you set up during your account creation, then follow the instructions provided.

How do I find more details on using NHHFA Portals?

     Detailed user manuals can be found within each portal.