Our Team

Executive Division

People Operations / Facilities Administration / Public Affairs and Government Relations / Communications / Housing Advocacy / Housing Research / Planning

Rob Dapice, Executive Director/CEO

Ben Frost, Deputy Executive Director / Chief Legal Officer

Patricia Donahue, Managing Director, Administration/CAO

Maria Morais, Sr. Director, People Operations

Grace Lessner, Director, Communications & Marketing

Heather McCann, Sr. Director, Research, Engagement, & Policy

George Reagan, Community Engagement Manager

T: (603) 472-8623 | (800) 640-7239

F: (603) 310-9302

Email: info@nhhfa.org

Employment verifications: employment@nhhfa.org

Finance & Accounting Division

David Sargent, Managing Director, Finance/CFO

Sandy Kenney, Controller

Timothy Karanasios, Director, Loan Servicing

T: (603) 472-8623 | (800) 640-7239

F: (603) 471-1043

Mortgage Servicing: MortgageService@nhhfa.org
Finance & Accounting financeinfo@nhhfa.org

Assisted Housing Division

Administers rental and tenant assistance programs, supportive housing programs, as well as Housing Choice Voucher and Family Self-Sufficiency programs.

DeeAnn Pouliot, Managing Director

Lynn Greenleaf Lippitt, Director, Housing Services

Gail Quinlan, Director, Program Operations

T: (603) 472-8623 | (800) 439-7247

F: (603) 472-8729

Email: rentinfo@nhhfa.org

Multifamily Housing Division

Administers New Hampshire Housing’s multi-family housing development and financing programs; manages its multi-family housing portfolio; oversees compliance monitoring; manages special grants programs.

Ignatius MacLellan, Managing Director

Andy Boyle, Director, Asset Management

Natasha Dube, Director, Housing Development

James Menihane, Director, Multi-Family Originations & Business Development

Gloria Paradise, Director, Housing Grant Programs

T: (603) 472-8623 | (800) 640-7239

F: (603) 471-1043

Email: multifaminfo@nhhfa.org

Homeownership Division

Operates New Hampshire Housing’s single-family mortgage programs, including downpayment assistance and the Homebuyer Tax Credit Program

Julie Jussif, Managing Director

Karina Melkumyan, Director, Single Family Lending

Christina Gossel, Director, Single Family Operations

Andrew Cadorette, Senior Manager, Marketing & Outreach

Matthew Gallant, Senior Manager, Business Development

T: (603) 472-8623 | (800) 649-0470

F: (603) 472-8729


Homebuyers / Lenders / Realtors: ownershipinfo@nhhfa.org
Participating Originators: nhhloans@nhhfa.org

Business Technology Division

David Hebert, Managing Director

Bruce Jukes, Director, Software Applications

Chris McNally, Director, Systems Administration

T: (603) 472-8623 | (800) 640-7239

F: (603) 471-1043

Email: info@nhhfa.org

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