New Hampshire Housing is a self-supporting public corporation that promotes, finances and supports affordable housing. We operate rental and homeownership programs designed to assist low- and moderate-income persons with obtaining affordable housing. We have helped more than 50,000 families purchase their own homes and been instrumental in financing the creation of more than 16,000 multifamily housing units.

Established by statute in 1981, New Hampshire Housing receives no operating funds from the state government.

MISSION STATEMENT: New Hampshire Housing promotes, finances and supports affordable housing and related services for the people of the Granite State.

VISION  STATEMENT: A New Hampshire with decent, affordable housing for all.


  • Commitment and Leadership: Achieve excellence by working together to proactively and effectively demonstrate leadership.
  • Responsiveness and Collaboration: Work with and be responsive to each other and our business partners in the pursuit of opportunities to achieve our goals.
  • Stewardship and Integrity: Exhibit prudent, ethical and transparent administration of limited public resources and be accountable and reliable in all matters.
  • Respect and Honesty: Treat everyone we encounter with dignity and mutual respect and be inclusive, candid and open in our communications and behavior.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Think objectively and listen with open minds, raise questions, challenge assumptions and promote an atmosphere that elicits creativity and innovation.
  • Alertness and Agility: Be vigilant and prepared to adapt to changing conditions, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Trust and Teamwork: Establish, grow, extend, and embrace trust as an essential component of effective working relationships. Embrace teamwork as essential to achieving overall success.