NH Consolidated Planning For HUD

Consolidated Plan

The State’s Consolidated Plan is the five-year plan for the use of HUD funds block-granted to the state to address community development, housing, and homeless needs.

New Hampshire’s Consolidated Plan is developed by the Housing and Community Development Planning Council. The Council, established by Executive Order 97-3, is responsible for developing all components of New Hampshire’s Consolidated Plan.

There are four major components in the Consolidated Plan: Housing Market Analysis, Analysis of Needs, Strategic Plan, and Action Plan.

A Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report is generated to report each year’s accomplishments to HUD and the public. New Hampshire’s Consolidated Plan year is concurrent with the calendar year.

2018 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER)

DRAFT 2019 Housing Trust Fund Allocation Plan – updated 4/4/19

2019 Citizen Participation Plan

2019 Draft Action Plan – updated 10/18/18

2018 Action Plan Substantial Amendment – posted 10/1/18, updated for 10/25/18

2018 Action Plan â€“ Final

2016-2020 Consolidated Plan Substantial amendment including Housing Trust Fund 

2016-2020 Consolidated Plan 

2016-2020 Strategic Plan Substantial Amendment