2022-2023 Multifamily Housing Virtual Tour

This virtual tour of five multifamily affordable housing developments financed by New Hampshire Housing from 2022 – 2023 represent different types of apartments built by our developer partners to provide housing for our state’s workforce, residential treatment supportive housing services, and housing for seniors.

What We Do

One of the key roles of New Hampshire Housing is to stimulate and support the availability of multifamily housing throughout the state. Our Multifamily Housing Division manages the financing of new multifamily rental unit construction. It also refinances and recapitalizes existing properties to preserve affordable housing units.

Developers apply for funds to construct or rehabilitate affordable multifamily rental housing. Our programs address affordable and workforce housing needs, as well as supportive housing (e.g., transitional housing, housing for veterans, persons with substance use disorders, and women/children in crisis). NH Housing manages a number of multifamily financing programs that can be used together to make affordable housing possible.

An important financing tool for multifamily housing is the federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC), which leverages investment in housing development. As the state’s LIHTC Allocating Agency, NH Housing reviews developer’s proposed projects and allocates tax credit based on a scoring system outlined in the state’s Qualified Allocation Plan. Developers finance project construction by using their tax credit allocation to leverage private equity investment in the properties. Learn more.


Notice of Funding Opportunity
Tax-Exempt Bond Program

This Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is an announcement of funding resources for qualified developers that seek tax-exempt bonds with 4% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to construct or adapt buildings for affordable rental housing for families, individuals, and the workforce throughout the State of New Hampshire.  

NOFO CLOSE DATE: January 18, 2024
NOFO RELEASE DATE: September 29, 2023
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications under this NOFO will be accepted as detailed in the Application Process section of this NOFO.

Click here to read the full Notice of Funding Opportunity Tax-Exempt Bond Program
Tax-Exempt Bond Program NOFO Session Slides
Tax-Exempt Bond Program NOFO Session 10.18.23 Recording

NH Housing’s Multifamily Projects 2022-23