Multifamily Supportive Housing


Notice of Funding Opportunity Supportive Housing Program

This Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is an announcement of funding for supportive housing program applications from qualified organizations to develop affordable housing that incorporates supportive services, which provide for the needs of the residents. Supportive services are intended to improve housing stability and help the residents live a more productive life in the community.

NOFO CLOSE DATE: February 5, 2024
NOFO RELEAE DATE: September 29, 2023
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted as detailed in the Application Process section of this NOFO

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FY24 NOFO Info Session Notice
FY24 NOFO Info Session Slides
FY24 NOFO Info Session 10.18.23 Recording

Financing Program

The Multifamily Supportive Housing Financing Program provides financial assistance to owners/sponsors of housing where the housing is provided in tandem with social service programs related to the needs of the residents. Projects eligible for financing include:

  • Permanent rental housing
  • Single room occupancy (SRO)
  • Transitional housing
  • Group homes/shelters with ongoing social services designed for and directly related to the needs of the residents
  • Emergency crisis housing
  • Housing for homeless families
  • Drug/alcohol rehabilitation and recovery housing
  • Housing for persons with a disability
  • Housing for persons diagnosed with severe mental illness

Projects consisting of new construction, acquisition and/or rehabilitation, reconstruction or conversion are eligible.  This program is funded by New Hampshire Housing using a variety of federal and non-federal funding sources. Funding opportunities are announced with the publication of a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) on this page under the Program Documents drop-down.