Our Team

Executive Division: General and Financial Administration / Public and Government Relations / Comprehensive Housing Research and Planning

  • Dean J. Christon, Executive Director
  • Patricia M. Donahue, Managing Director, Administration & Human Resources
  • William S. Ray, Managing Director, Policy, Planning & Communications
  • Jane N. Law, Director, Communications
  • Dan Smith, Director, Housing Research
  • Benjamin D. Frost, Director, Public & Legal Affairs

Finance & Accounting Division: Accounting / Financial Management Activities / Mortgage Loan Servicing

  • David B. Sargent, Managing Director, Finance/Chief Financial Officer
  • Tim Karanasios, Director, Loan Servicing
  • Ronald Gaudio, Manager, Mortgage Servicing
  • Sandra Kenney, Controller
  • Sara Blanco, Loan Operations Manager
  • Dawn Geissenhainer, Cash Operations Manager
  • Amanda Gray, Federal Programs Operations Manager

Assisted Housing Division: Rental and Tenant Assistance Programs / Supportive Services Programs

  • DeeAnn L. Pouliot, Managing Director, Assisted Housing Division
  • Lynn Greenleaf Lippitt, Director, Housing Services
  • Deborah Granfield, Director, Rental Assistance

Management & Development Division: Multi-Family Housing Development and Financing Programs / Multi-Family Project Portfolio Management / Compliance Monitoring

  • Christopher R. Miller, Managing Director, Management & Development
  • Andy Boyle, Director, Asset Management
  • Marie Poole, Portfolio Manager
  • Melanie Toscano, Portfolio Manager
  • James Menihane, Director, Housing Development
  • Gloria Paradise, Director, Housing Grant Programs

Homeownership Division: Single Family Mortgage Program / Special Homeownership Programs

  • Ignatius MacLellan, Managing Director, Homeownership
  • Brenda Southmayd Mahoney, Director, Business Development
  • Michael Chadbourne, Director, Homeownership Lending

Information Technology Division: Automated Management Information Systems

  • David G. Hebert, Managing Director, IT
  • Chris McNally, Director, Systems Administration