Residential Rental Cost Survey

Since 1980, New Hampshire Housing has conducted an annual statewide survey of rental housing costs. This important data assists us in tracking rental unit costs, which we compile in a report for property owners, the public, businesses, public officials and organizations that administer housing programs.

We’ve been a trusted source of housing data for more than 40 years!

How to participate in the survey:

The 2023 survey is underway. The survey is conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center and Kate Kirkwood Industries. The survey is conducted by either a telephone or online survey. Data collection will continue until May 12, 2023.

To participate in the survey, complete this form and someone will contact you to gather your information.

If you have questions regarding the Residential Rental Cost Survey, or for additional information, email us at

Participant information is kept confidential.

    As the leading source of key housing data in the state, NH Housing produces reports, publications, and planning tools such as housing market reports, an annual survey of the state’s rental market, single- and multifamily housing analyses, and more.