The number of applicants we can accept based on funds made available by the U.S. Treasury has been met. We regret to announce we cannot accept any further applications. All applications received prior to March 8, 2024 are being held on a waitlist and will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis for as long as funds are available.

The federally funded NH Homeowner Assistance Fund Program provides assistance to New Hampshire homeowners who have been affected in any way by an increase in expenses or a reduction in income as a result of the COVID-19 public health crisis. The program launched in March 2022 with a $40 million federal allocation.

The number of applicants we can accept based on funds made available by the U.S. Treasury has been met. We regret to announce we cannot accept any further applications.

PHASE 13/8/22 to 12/14/23
Applications were accepted and reviewed as received. This phase was active through December 14, 2023.

PHASE 2 – 12/15/23 to 3/8/24
Applications received after December 15, 2023 have been held and will not processed until it is determined if sufficient program funds remain.  Applications are being reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted. All applications subject to eligibility review.  

PHASE 3 (ACTIVE) – 3/8/24
The NH HAF program is no longer accepting applications as of Friday, March 8, 2024. Applications submitted prior to this date will be held on the waitlist and reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis for as long as funds are available.

If you, or someone you know, are a NH homeowner and are having difficulty paying housing bills, visit for a list of available resources.

Eligible homeowners must:

  • Have experienced a COVID-related reduction in income or increase in household expense after 1/21/2020
  • Own and occupy the property as their primary residence
  • Have incomes of less than 125% of Area Median Income

The NH Homeowner Assistance Fund provides financial assistance for past-due bills only.

If applying for mortgage assistance, your mortgage amount at origination must be below conforming loan limits. This will be verified during processing. For reference, loans that originated in 2020 in Hillsborough County, the conforming loan limit is $510,400.

Program assistance includes:

  • Mortgage Loan Reinstatement – maximum benefit $40,000*
  • Property Charges Default Resolution – maximum benefit $40,000*
  • Utility/Internet Payment Assistance – maximum benefit $5,000*

*Total assistance per household is $40,000 for all programs combined

For assistance with application, financial counseling, and other resources, contact:      

AHEAD – (603) 444-1377, Option 2

For assistance due to immediate threat of foreclosure, tax deed, or sheriff’s sale, contact:

603 Legal Aid – (603) 224-3333

General Information

New Hampshire Housing has contracted with a vendor, Speridian Technologies, LLC, along with their sub-contracted case management vendor, Tidal Basin Group. RCL Consulting is coordinating the on-boarding process for mortgage servicers. Correspondence from these entities can be trusted and will be sent to you on behalf of the Homeowner Assistance Fund program.  

NH Homeowner Assistance Fund Plan (8/2023)

U.S. Treasury Homeowner Assistance Fund website 

CFPB Homeowner Assistance Fund information

The NH Homeowner Assistance Fund is a federally funded program through the NH Governor’s Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery and is administered by New Hampshire Housing. The NH Homeowner Assistance Fund Program is being supported, in whole or in part, by a federal award number HAF0014 awarded to the State of New Hampshire by the U.S. Department of the Treasury under the Homeowner Assistance Fund established by Section 3206 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, Pub. L. No. 117-2.  

Who NH HAF Has Helped


This is amazing and wonderful news. Thank you again!! At least for now a great weight has been lifted and I see a bit of hope in all of this. – Hillsborough County.


Wanted to take time to thank you once again for all your help. Your effort has been priceless. – Merrimack County.


An applicant who proudly served in the US Marines, moved to a small town in Strafford County in 2018. He owned his home outright, but starting in 2019, a series of health calamities impacted his ability keep up with his property taxes. The town eventually foreclosed on his home with a tax deed and served with an eviction notice. The applicant, with the help of NHLA, requested assistance through the NH Homeowner Assistance Fund. NHLA then appeared in the eviction lawsuit and secured additional time for the applicant to remain in their home while they worked with the NH Homeowner Assistance Fund. Several players including the applicant, the town, the NH Homeowner Assistance Fund, and NHLA worked together to make payment in the back taxes and have the deed recorded back in the applicant’s name. With these partnerships the applicant has regained ownership of their home, as well as guidance to secure tax exemptions and abatements that will allow him to stay in his home affordably.


If you need assistance with paying rent and utilities, contact 2-1-1.