Policy & Pints Pop Up Series: Seacoast – 1/16/24

March 05, 2024 | 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Venue : Auspicious Brew 1 Washington Street #1103 Dover, NH 03820


Housing you can afford? Student debt? The cost of childcare? Protecting New Hampshire’s outdoor recreational areas?

As a young person living on the Seacoast, what are the issues that matter most to you? What affects your decision to stay in, or leave, the Granite State? As Stay Work Play prepares to advocate on the behalf of the state’s young people during the 2024 legislative session in Concord, we want to know.

If you’re 40 or under and live or work on the Seacoast, you’re invited to take part in Stay Work Play’s Policy & Pints Pop-Up Series. Join us for a hard kombucha (first one’s on us for the first 25 to register!) some engaging conversation, and a fun opportunity to meet new people and help make your region of New Hampshire more friendly to young people.

This event is supported by New Hampshire Housing.