National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

October 24, 2022

Lead is a toxic metal found in many homes built before 1978. According to the CDC, 24 million homes across the United States contain lead paint and lead dust hazards. Young children live in 4 million of these homes. New Hampshire homes are among the oldest in the country leading to hundreds of New Hampshire children poisoned by lead each year by lead found in paint, dust, and soil.    

New Hampshire Housing’s Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Program is dedicated to eliminating childhood lead poisoning by providing educational tools, resources, and funding through federal grants and state loans to assist homeowners, owners of residential properties, and childcare facilities to be lead-safe certified. This is how we can help: 


Rental Units & Owner-Occupied/Single-Family: 

  • Occupants must income qualify at or below 80% AMI. 
  • Grant assistance of up to $12,000/unit under order, or up to$6,500/unit not under order. 
  • An additional $3,000/unit for Healthy Homes interventions. 
  • 10% minimum owner match required (State Loan Funds may help meet this requirement). 


Rental Units: 

  • Occupants of rental units must income qualify at or below 90% AMI
  • State Loan assistance of up to $11,000/unit
  • 0% Interest differed loan that must be used in conjunction with Lead Grant funds and counted towards the 10% match.

Owner-Occupied/Single-Family Homes: 

  • Owner Occupied Single-Family homes must income qualify at or below 100% AMI
  • Must be occupied by a child under 6 years old or a pregnant woman
  • State Loan assistance MAX $100,000
  • 0% Interest differed loan


  • Units under “Order of Lead Hazard Reduction” 
  • Units occupied by a child under six (6) years of age with an elevated Blood Lead Level (BLL) not reaching the action level. 
  • Units occupied by a child under six (6) years of age or a pregnant woman. 
  • Owner Occupied Single-Family homes occupied by a child under six (6) years of age. 
  • Vacant or occupied units with no children 

To learn more, visit our website  

Lori Wood, Intake Specialist, Lead Hazard Control & Healthy Homes | (603) 404-2306 or (603) 216-2177 

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