New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority Environmental Review Services

November 18, 2019

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for professional services required to complete a portion of the Environmental Review Record (ERR) for projects funded with HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Housing Trust Fund, Project Based Vouchers, Risk-Sharing and other sources as may become available. Specifically, the HUD statutory checklist which will incorporate the Phase I Environmental commissioned by the developer of specific projects.  The projects will be applying for federal funds administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and are subject to regulation 24 CFR Part 58; and, if applying for Housing Trust Fund (HTF) funds, subject to the regulation 24 CFR Part 93.301.   

Project Description 

New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority (NHHFA) provides Low Income Housing Tax Credits and federal funding to support projects of affordable multi-family rental housing throughout the state of New Hampshire.  The responding consultant must have the capacity to perform several checklists throughout a given year, several of which may be under short timeframes.  The proposal is expected to cover a pilot period of performance of up to 6 months with a possible extension of up to 5 years.   

Scope of Work 

Part 1: Environmental Review Services 

The Checklist shall be prepared in compliance with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations, 24 CFR Part 58, and 24 CFR Part 93.301.   

  1. Prepare the appropriate HUD Statutory Checklist for the Authority.  The Checklist for the project shall describe the project and activities that have been determined by the developer to be part of the project; evaluate the effect of the project or activities on the human environment and the effect of the human environment on the project; document compliance with the applicable statutes and authorities; and record the written determination and other review findings as required by the relevant authorities.  The Checklist shall contain verifiable source documents and relevant base data used or cited in the project review documents. 
  2. Review and analyze the proposed project using the criteria, standards, policies and regulations including those identified in 24 CFR 58.5 and 58.6; and, if applicable, 24 CFR 93.301. 
  3. Identify mitigation measures, if any, necessary to bring the project into compliance with all appropriate authorities as well as those identified in 24 CFR 58.5 and 58.6; and, if applicable, 24 CFR 93.301. 
  4. List and submit all credible, traceable and supportive source documentation that is necessary to support determination of whether the proposed activity achieves compliance or conformance with each applicable statute, Executive Order or regulation. 

The following work tasks are necessary to prepare the Checklist.   

  1. Review proposed project in consultation with the Owner/Developer. 
  2. Determine appropriate level of review and the applicable checklist required for that level of review under 24 CFR Part 58, and if applicable, 24 CFR 93.30, in consultation with the Owner/Developer. 
  3. Identify and obtain supporting documentation to demonstrate compliance with each requirement of the Checklist. 
  4. Prepare a final Checklist for NHHFA and the Owner/Developer to review.  Once it is agreed that the Checklist is complete, the Responsible Entity (NHHFA) will perform final review and obtain necessary final signatures. 


The following are minimum qualifications for Consultants responding to this RFP.  Failure to meet the minimum requirements may result in disqualification. 

  1. Experience providing environmental consulting services for preparation of the HUD Statutory Checklist for HOME, HTF, Project-Based Vouchers or Risk-Sharing in multi-family housing projects in New Hampshire. 
  2. Staff capacity to perform several checklists over a short period of time (generally a one to two-month period), as well as the ability to quickly respond to sporadic requests for a checklist throughout a given year.  NHHFA has several rounds of funding throughout the year which will create these short timeframes that must be responded to timely and which may require a checklist to be produced rather quickly.  
  3. Experience working with key personnel within the various regulatory agencies that review and approve the Checklist.  The agencies include but are not limited to: New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, U.S. Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the New Hampshire State Historic Preservation Office. 
  4. Key professional personnel with knowledge of technical standards for compliance with the applicable authorities regulating 24 CFR Part 58 and 24 CFR Part 93.301 projects. 
  5. Knowledge of and experience with regulatory requirements including current local, state and federal regulations.  The applicable laws and regulations include, but are not limited to: Historic Preservation [36 CFR 800], Floodplain Management [24 CFR 55, Executive Order 11988], Wetlands Protection [Executive Order 11990], Coastal Zone Management Act [Sections 307(c), (d)], Sole Source Aquifers [40 CFR 149], Endangered Species Act [50 CFR 402], Wild and Scenic Rivers Act [Sections 7(b), (c)], Air Quality [Clean Air Act, Sections 176(c) and (d) and 40 CFR 6,51,93], Farmland Protection Policy Act [7 CFR 658], Environmental Justice [Executive Order 12898], Noise Abatement and Control [24 CFR 51 B], Toxic/Hazardous/Radioactive Materials, Contamination, Chemicals or Gases [24 CFR 58.5(i)(2)], Siting of HUD-Assisted Projects Near Hazardous Operations [24 CFR 51 C], Flood Disaster Protection Act [58.6 (a)], Coastal Barrier Resources Act/Coastal Barrier [58.6 (c)], Airport Runway Clear Zone or Clear Zone Disclosure [58.6 (d)], Toxic Substances Control Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. 

Insurance Requirements 

See Attachment A. 


Proposals shall include the following: 

  1. Contact Information. Provide company name, address, phone & fax numbers, contact person & associated e-mail address. 
  2. Attach a budget or your pricing to perform the required services.
  3. One example of a HUD Statutory Checklist (preferably one that includes requirements for HTF funding) if your firm has not completed one for NHHFA in the past two (2) years).  
  4. List of any and all subcontractors to perform work for Consultant under this proposal. 
  5. Proof of required insurance for Consultant and any and all subcontractors performing work under this proposal. 

General Submission Information and Evaluation Criteria 

 Proposals are due by Monday, December 16, 2019 by 5:00 PM.  Proposals shall be submitted via email to: 

Christine Lavallee 

New Hampshire Housing  

32 Constitution Drive 

Bedford, NH 03110  

Respondents will be evaluated on the following categories: 

  • Experience with HUD Checklists 
  • Fees 
  • Key personnel 
  • General information 

The Authority reserves the right to reject, in whole, or in part, any proposal for any reason.  

Minority-owned, women-owned, locally-owned and Section 3 businesses are encouraged to submit proposals.  

Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Heather Goodwin at 

The proposal shall include all costs for the work described including but not limited to professional fees, administrative fees, copying costs, delivery expenses and travel expenses.