New Hampshire Housing Names 2020 Top Lenders

March 23, 2021

Top Loan Officers and Lenders Recognized for Outstanding Efforts in Assisting Homebuyers
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Lenders and loan originators were recently recognized by New Hampshire Housing for helping 1,400 homebuyers find affordable homes and loans last year. The awards were given to the lending institutions and loan originators who assisted the most homebuyers through New Hampshire Housing programs in 2020. 

“Our top lenders and loan originators are vital to supporting affordable housing opportunities for all New Hampshire households,” noted Ignatius MacLellan, managing director of New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority’s Homeownership Division. “We know what a challenging year it has been. It also has been a very active year for people seeking to become homeowners. These top lenders have provided outstanding service to customers.” 


Top Loan Officers 
(by highest number of loans) 

  1. Jay Vogel
    Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
  2. Joseph Gagnon 
    Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. 
  3. Marcie B. Gowen-Nobley 
    Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank
  4. Meghan Merrill 
    CMG Financial
  5. Debbie Austin-Brown 
    Harbor One Mortgage, LLC
  6. Denise Hubbard 
    Meredith Village Savings Bank
  7. Marleen Paquette 
    Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. 
  8. Lisa Capicchioni 
    Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. 
  9. Carol Zink-Mailloux 
    Waterstone Mortgage
  10. Jane Jordan 
    Mortgage Network Inc.
  11. Dennis Kochanek 
    Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. 
  12. Gladys White 
    Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.

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  1. Justin Macagba 
    CMG Financial
  2. Ryan Tufts 
    HarborOne Mortgage, LLC
  3. Shanin Sansoucie
    HarborOne Mortgage, LLC
  4. Robert Hill
    Northway Bank
  5. Jason Jaramillo
    Advantage Home Loans LLC
  6. Lori Riggie 
    Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank
  7. Jonathan Ferrante 
    Blue Water Mortgage Corporation 
  8. Donald Sutherland 
    St. Mary’s Bank
  9. Barbara Bullard 
    Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank
  10. Terry Daniels 
    Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank
  11. Stephen Buchan 
    Blue Water Mortgage Corporation
  12. Sheila Walter 
    Holy Rosary Credit Union
  13. Kurt Strandson 
    Pinnacle Mortgage Corporation 


Participating Lenders  
(by highest number of loans) 

  • Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. 
  • CMG Financial 
  • HarborOne Mortgage, LLC 
  • St. Mary’s Bank 
  • Mortgage Network Inc. 
  • Bank of New Hampshire 
  • Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation 
  • Northpoint Mortgage 
  • Waterstone Mortgage 
  • Movement Mortgage, LLC 

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Participating Originators  
(by highest number of loans) 

  • Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank 
  • Meredith Village Savings Bank 
  • Blue Water Mortgage Corporation 
  • Northway Bank 
  • Pinnacle Mortgage Corporation 
  • Mascoma Bank 
  • AccuTrust Mortgage, Inc. 
  • Holy Rosary Credit Union 

New Hampshire Housing mortgages offer special features not generally available through other lending sources  such as downpayment assistance – that can make homeownership more affordable. New Hampshire Housing also offers the Homebuyer Tax Credit program for first-time homebuyers, which enables them to receive a federal tax credit of up to $2,000 per year as long as they own their home and continue to pay mortgage interest. The new Community Heroes Initiative acknowledges the commitment of the state’s essential workers who are first-time homebuyers by offering them a $3,000 closing-cost credit. 

Information about New Hampshire Housing homeownership programs, including eligibility information and a list of lender partners, is available at 

About New Hampshire Housing: As a self-supporting public corporation, New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority promotes, finances and supports affordable housing. NHHFA operates rental and homeownership programs designed to assist low- and moderate-income persons with obtaining affordable housing. We have helped more than 50,000 families purchase their own homes and been instrumental in financing the creation of more than 15,000 multi-family housing units.   |  #NHHFAHousing  |  @NewHampshireHousing  |  @NHHFA