NH Housing’s 2023 Top Lenders Recognized at Event in Hampton 

September 14, 2023

New Hampshire Housing’s lending partners were recognized for their support for affordable housing advocacy at the recent Homeownership Lender Fest event in Hampton, along with its top lenders of 2023.

Denise Hubbard, Vice President, Mortgage Loan Program Officer for Meredith Village Savings Bank was named the first recipient of NH Housing’s Award for Advocacy, which recognizes individuals for their support of affordable housing. Hubbard was honored for her success in establishing pathways to homeownership through leadership and advocacy.

“This gathering underscores the power of collaboration with our lender partners,” said Julie Jussif, Managing Director of NH Housing’s Homeownership Division. “In this extremely tight housing market notable for its low inventory and challenging interest rates, NH Housing provides affordable homeownership solutions. We make homeownership opportunities possible for first-time NH homebuyers and equip our lending partners with the necessary tools to serve customers.”

2023 NH Housing Top Lenders (in order of number of loans closed)

Top Participating Lenders
CMG Home Loans
HarborOne Mortgage
Fairway Independent Mortgage
Guild Mortgage
Bank NH
Bay Equity Home Loans
Luminate Home Loans
Waterstone Mortgage
Supreme Lending

Top Participating Originators
St. Mary’s Bank
Pinnacle Mortgage
Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank
Meredith Village Savings Bank
Mascoma Bank
Woodsville Guaranty Bank    

Top Mortgage Loan Officers
Meghan Merrill – CMG Home Loans
Denise Hubbard – Meredith Village Savings Bank
Reene Duval – Fairway Independent Mortgage
Deborah Austin-Brown – HarborOne Mortgage
Gregory Curry – CMH Home Loans
Joseph Gagnon – Guild Mortgage
Jane Jordan – Movement Mortgage
Joseph Vogel – Guild Mortgage
Ross Kierstead – HarborOne Mortgage
Carol Zink-Mailloux – Waterstone Mortgage
Carol Jordan – Fairway Ind Mortgage
Janet Costa – Mascoma Bank
Sunshine Voisine – St.Mary’s Bank
Mary White – St.Mary’s Bank
Marcie Gowen-Nobley – Union Bank

New Hampshire Housing’s Homeownership Division works with a network of lenders and real estate professionals to offer a variety of mortgage programs that enable homebuyers – especially first-time homebuyers – to purchase or refinance a home in New Hampshire.  New Hampshire Housing offers innovative mortgage products such as the Home First loan, which offers qualified borrowers a rate advantaged mortgage and up to $10,000 in downpayment assistance. Other unique homeownership products include a purchase-rehab loan and a special loan for first-generation homebuyers, 1stGenHomeNH. NH Housing and its partners also provide homebuyer education, along with Realtor and lender education. NHHomeownership.org


From left: Matthew Gallant (Senior Manager, Business Development, NH Housing), Denise Hubbard (Vice President, Mortgage Loan Program Officer, Meredith Village Savings Bank), Julie Jussif (Managing Director, Homeownership Division)

About New Hampshire Housing: As a self-supporting public corporation created by the state legislature, New Hampshire Housing promotes, finances and supports affordable housing. New Hampshire Housing has helped more than 55,000 families purchase their own homes and been instrumental in financing the creation of 16,000 multifamily housing units. 
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