Notice of Funding Opportunity Tax-Exempt Bond Program

September 28, 2023

This Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is an announcement of funding resources for qualified developers that seek tax-exempt bonds with 4% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to construct or adapt buildings for affordable rental housing for families, individuals, and the workforce throughout the State of New Hampshire.  

Please read the NOFO in its entirety prior to application submission to ensure threshold criteria are met and the application is complete. If you have questions on any aspect of the NOFO, please contact the staff listed at the end of this document.

Developers are limited to one application through this NOFO.

Under this NOFO, developers can, if eligible, apply for two specific resources:

  1. Funding resources for such multifamily rental housing; and
  2. Project-Based Vouchers (PBVs) when connected with certain funding resources.

NOFO RELEASE DATE: September 29, 2023

Applications under this NOFO will be accepted as detailed in the Application Process section of this NOFO.

Click here to read the full Notice of Funding Opportunity Tax-Exempt Bond Program