Notice Of Public Hearing Wallace Farms

May 30, 2019

Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be conducted by the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority (the “Authority”) in the Sunnycrest Room located on the first floor  at the Londonderry Town Hall,  268 B Mammoth Road, Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053  at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, June 17, 2019,  with respect to the proposed issuance by the Authority, acting under and pursuant to New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated Chapter 204-C (the “Act”), of obligations in the maximum aggregate principal amount of $11,000,000 (the “Bonds”), (out of a total anticipated project cost of $14,836,680). The Bonds are proposed to be issued to provide financing as permitted under the Act for the following multi-family housing project (the “Project”): the acquisition of a 43.07 acre site of commonly owned land located along Bridle Path  (referred to in the Tax Assessor’s office as Map 16 Lots 3-11, 3-13, and 3-15) in the Town of Londonderry, County of Rockingham, and State of New Hampshire and the construction, furnishing and equipping on such land of a 72 unit multi-family residential rental housing development (consisting of three 24 unit buildings, and with an aggregate square foot building area totaling approximately 84,441 square feet, with 37 of the units expected to be occupied by tenants having incomes no greater than 60% of area median income). The owner of the Project will be Wallace Farms Development Limited Partnership, a New Hampshire limited partnership, the General Partner will be WFD GP, LLC, a New Hampshire limited liability company the manager of which is Christopher J. Fokas.   The Bonds will not be a general obligation of the Authority or a pledge of the faith and credit of the Authority or a debt, liability, obligation or pledge of the faith and credit of the State of New Hampshire or any political subdivision thereof.  Written comments will be accepted for two business days following the public hearing, and must be received by email, fax, or physical delivery no later than 4:30 p.m. on June 19, 2019.
For more information, or to send comments as outlined above, contact:

Julia A. Morgan
New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority
PO Box 5087
Manchester, NH 03108
603-310-9280 (Phone)
603-488-0906 (Fax)

Executive Director