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The Directory of Assisted Housing contains properties with federally-funded rent subsidies for low-income families and seniors. It is updated on a regular basis by New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority to provide consumers, housing interest groups, and others with a guide to rent-assisted housing facilities throughout the State. The publication is organized by county and community.

Finding Tenants 

Contact New Hampshire Housing and speak to the Rental Assistance Manager for your area. They will let voucher holders know of the available unit. You may also advertise with the phrase "will accept Housing Choice Vouchers." Families look for those listings. In addition, New Hampshire Housing provides a list of apartments for rent through landlords who are willing to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program.

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Directory of Assisted Housing

Our Directory of Assisted Housing lists rental properties that offer income restrictions or rent subsidies. This directory does not provide information on the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program, which provides rental assistance to individual households through rental vouchers. Information on the Housing Choice Voucher Program is available elsewhere on this web site. 

You may search the Directory of Assisted Housing (updated 2/5/19) by going to the search form below, or you may view/download the printable version by selecting the following link:

Directory of Assisted Housing - includes contact information for local housing agencies across the state as well as for housing/services for those with special needs (updated 9/13/19) 

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