September 20, 2023

An applicant who proudly served in the US Marines, moved to a small town in Strafford County in 2018. He owned his home outright, but starting in 2019, a series of health calamities impacted his ability keep up with his property taxes. The town eventually foreclosed on his home with a tax deed and served with an eviction notice. The applicant, with the help of NHLA, requested assistance through the NH Homeowner Assistance Fund. NHLA then appeared in the eviction lawsuit and secured additional time for the applicant to remain in their home while they worked with the NH Homeowner Assistance Fund. Several players including the applicant, the town, the NH Homeowner Assistance Fund, and NHLA worked together to make payment in the back taxes and have the deed recorded back in the applicant’s name. With these partnerships the applicant has regained ownership of their home, as well as guidance to secure tax exemptions and abatements that will allow him to stay in his home affordably.