Program Rules

Multi-Family Financing

Multi-Family Asset Management

Homeownership Programs

Assisted Rental Housing

Multi-Family Financing

HFA 101

Child Care Loan Guarantee Program

HFA 105

2015 HOME Investment Partnerships Rental Housing Production Program Rules

HFA 108

Technical Assistance Program

HFA 109

2016 Qualified Allocation Plan for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

HFA 110

Construction Loan Program

HFA 111

Design and Construction Standards (revised and effective 3/27/15)


Construction Signage Information

HFA 112

Special Needs Program

HFA 113

Affordable Housing Fund

HFA 114

Multi-Family Bond Financing Program

HFA 115

Initial Equity Determination


Multi-Family Asset Management

HFA 204

Replacement Reserve and Residual Receipts Rules


Homeownership Programs

HFA 302

Assumption of MRB Financed Mortgages

HFA 307

Purchase/Rehabilitation Program Rules

HFA 308

Occupancy/Rental of Homes Financed Under the Single Family Mortgage Program

HFA 309

Single Family Mortgage Program Rules

HFA 311

Scamman Estates Special Mortgage Program

HFA 313

Eligibility Requirements for Participating Lenders

HFA 316

Public Lands Homeownership Program

HFA 317

Emergency Home Repair Loan Program

HFA 318

Low and Moderate Income Loan Program Fund (Housing Loan Trust)

HFA 319

HomeAccess Program

HFA 320

Voucher Assisted Mortgage Option

HFA 325

Home Ownership New Production Initiative

HFA 326

Broker Participation Program

HFA 327

Home Advantage Program - program closed as of 12/7/09

HFA 328


Assisted Rental Housing

HFA 503

Family Service Coordination Initiative

HFA 504

Emergency Housing Program

HFA 505

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Loan and Grant Rules